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Flips, 2022

Flips is a generative art project by Leander Herzog, made with Javascript and WebGL. Tree structures grow recursively until dots are placed at the ends of every branch. The composition and shapes emerge from this minimalist generative process. Flips is on display at the group show A New Beginning at EXPANDED.ART in Berlin, December 2022.

600 unique outputs have been manually selected from many thousands of variations. 300 Flips nfts are available on objkt.com for 100 Tezos. 300 Flips prints are available from EXPANDED.ART. DinA1, signed and numbered, 150 €, exl. VAT and shipping.

Thanks to EXPANDED.ART, friends and collectors for the production, feedback and support. Please get in touch if you have questions or need help with choosing or collecting Flips.

300 Flips Nfts

300 Flips Prints