Leander Herzog

Visual Artist




84 Born in Zürich
03 Gestalterischer Vorkurs St.Gallen1
05 Visual Communication Institute/The Basel School of Design Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW2
06 HyperWerk Institute for Postindustrial Design Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW3
08 Bachelor of Arts4
09 Freelance Flash Dev5
10 Webdeveloper6
13 Independent Webdesigner / Developer
14 Independent Webdesigner / Developer
15 Independent Webdesigner / Developer
16 Independent Webdesigner / Developer
17 Independent Webdesigner / Developer
18 Hi

Visual Artist, Web Designer and Creative Developer from St.Gallen, Switzerland. I design and build websites, applications and interactive things since 2007. I believe in Open Source, the web as a medium and the browser as a platform. Focused on corporate and personal websites, I also make images, visualize data and prototype digital products for individuals, agencies and small businesses in art, advertising, consulting, design, education, events, fashion, finance, media, music, public relations, publishing and software:

Addie Wagenknecht, Atalanta Advertising, Birkhäuser+GBC, Boutique ROMA, Communications of the ACM, Eliane Bachenheimer Public Relations, Esquire Magazine Russia, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Five to Nine, Heilsarmee, Immersive, Insomnia Festival, Jung von Matt, Klangforscher, Lunchgate, Manual Creative, Marc Tamschick, Merz Akademie, Rufener Events, Ruth Erdt, Sceen Magazine, Taktil Software GmbH, The Pool Communications Consulting, Viktor Giacobbo, Weilanders, Dr. Joel Luc Cachelin’s Wissensfabrik, Wondros.

Code can {communicate, create, change and control|make, move and manipulate} {systems|all the things|us}. I use and write code to {design|build|create} {things|experiences|objects|ideas} and {automate|reproduce|augment} processes. Because distribution is easy and attribution is hard. It can be executed, edited, searched and {scaled|sold}. {Ideas|Concepts|Thoughts} can be {encoded|translated|transformed|shared|spread|deployed} and run in another {context|place|situation} at a different {scale|time}, but still represent the {real thing|source|original}. {Code|A program} has no weight, {does not smell|never dries} and {is not sticky|doesn’t fade}; it is {not limited by|independent from} the angles of the human body and {delivers|enables} abstraction like nothing else.

Recently I designed the websites for Viktor Giacobbo, Klangforscher, 5-9, Wondros Productions and Boutique Roma. I did the biennial redesign of this website and I’m working on a shop where you can buy prints and files. Between client projects I collaborate with artists, learn new languages and teach.

You can hire me. A new website costs 7K on average. From 1K for a simple onepager or animation - up to 15K for a complex website with an original design and a content management system.

Take a look at some websites I made.
Or check out some other nice websites.

I work with {great artists|your boss|your audience|the laziest homies}, {old ladies|yung economists}, {evil mathematicians|ex storytellers}, {actually creative directors|fashion hustlers}, {imaginary audiences|invisible budgets}, {oldskool programmers|mean project managers}, {executive scope creepers|busy consultants}, {photoshop bitches|professional liars} and {underground wizards|angry photographers}.

We made the logo bigger and added more buttons, pushed websites online, moved them around and took it all down again. We made things faster, bigger and smaller or easier to use. We made websites look and feel contemporary again, less boring and more fun. We measured and sold all the things, tracked users and figured out what to do before it was too late.

You are here because you have more money than time and the machines don’t listen to you. They just blink and do something that should have solved your problem but now it’s your new problem. Nothing happens, nobody gets paid, it’s the worst! But you have deadlines and expectations to manage, so you came here – hoping everything will be okay again.

Wait what

Lenny refuses to uses paper at all. He just does magic with his machine ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Please never stop doing what you’re doing so far.

yeah i started hallucinating pretty fast

Man, these are so fucking good.

too much precision? 5 sig figs is probably wasted on most displays.

I feel an interesting beauty on your works

I think I just found a new background image for my phone.

Great colours.

Those are beautiful

the gradients really sell it

love those colors!

love this style

whatever is going on there, it looks rad

next level

I should just set up a bot to like all your posts :)

super nice! WebGL?

Woah…I love this!

*keepin’ an eye on it.

dude that’s awesome!


D3 on another level.

looking sweet!

that’s beautiful!

Seriously! These are beautiful.

so amazing!

looking good!


your svg flipper has us intrigued!

in which purpose? Terribly awesome!

what sort of sorcery is this!?

  1. Gestalterischer Vorkurs, St.Gallen

  2. Visual Communication Institute, Basel

  3. Institut Hyperwerk, Basel

  4. FHNW Basel

  5. First Flash Page

  6. Nemuk Zürich Lunchgate Restaurant Portal

  7. WebGL 2

  8. WebAudioAPI 2

  9. CEST

  10. Progressive Web Application

  11. three.js

  12. D3.js

  13. AFrame

  14. Vue.js

  15. Angular

  16. Zurb Foundation

  17. Bootstrap

  18. 960gs

  19. CSS grid spec 2

  20. Wordpress

  21. Jekyll 2 3 4

  22. ACK

  23. Apache

  24. Babel.js

  25. Bash

  26. Blender

  27. FFmpeg

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  29. FLUX

  30. Git 2

  31. GNU coreutils

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  49. PHP

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  52. Prettier

  53. Safari Technology Preview

  54. Termux

  55. Tor

  56. Ubuntu

  57. Vim

  58. VirtualBox

  59. Wget

  60. ws

  61. Oh my zsh

  62. Twitter

  63. Amazon Webservices

  64. Codepen

  65. Cyon Webhosting

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  67. Fastmail

  68. Figma

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  71. Let’s encrypt

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  76. PureVPN

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  101. Components

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